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Patek watches are widely regarded as some of the most prestigious Swiss luxury watches with the most complicated movements and impeccable style.

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The Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection

One of the notable wristwatches by Patek Philippe is the Calatrava which happens to be the most popular in all of Patek Philippe collections as it is considered the flagship design of Patek Philippe. Created in 1932, the watch models of this collection are specifically manufactured as dress watches. It is one of the most expensive luxury watches in the world, with its least expensive Calatrava men’s watch priced at about $18,000 USD last 2008.

The design speaks for luxury as the name of the brand itself. The watch is round and has a classic look, with hobnail bezel, porcelain white dials, and Roman numerals. Patek Philippe Calatrava series features water resistance up to 80 feet and manual wound mechanism for its movement. 

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Most Popular Calatrava Models

You will probably find a lot of Calatrava designs online. A very popular model is the 3919, and later the Patek Philippe Calatrava model 5229 took over its place. The latter obviously shows a larger design than the first one, and owing to its larger look, the need for larger watches is becoming a flourishing trend even up to date. The reference 96 Patek Calatrava model is another one of its most popular in the collection, and this design was inspired by the 5196 model.

The Remarkable Patek Philippe Calatrava

World class designer watches speak of utmost quality and luxury. In the list of those top-ranking watches in elegance and glamour are the Patek Philippe collections. The manufacturer garnered its fame and prestige in the watchmaking industry over the years. Two values represent Patek Philippe: quality and reliability. 

Patek Philippe was the first to invent the wound pocket watch in 1839 and was the first ever to also manufacture the first wristwatch. It is the only watchmaking company that was awarded with the Geneva Seal, the most prestigious recognition given to a watch manufacturer, mainly for its mechanical movements. 

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The movement of Patek Philippe Calatrava watches is either automatic or manual, and there are models using quartz movement.

Calatrava History stars back in 1932

In 1932, Charles and Jean Stern bought Patek Philippe. They realized that they needed to create something that will be a big hit otherwise they will have a hard time getting the company back on track. So they made Reference 96, a model inspired by Bauhaus which contained the in-house and hand-wound movement caliber 12-120. It measured 4mm high and 26.75mm across. It had a frequency of 18000 vph. The watch’s elegance and simplicity made it a very well-liked timepiece and for decades, the Calatrava became the company’s most popular model.

Beginning 1937, Patek Philippe started using Reference 96 cases for movements that had add-on functions like a calendar with moonphase indicator. The name Calatrava is derived from the longtime logo of Patek, the cross used by the Calatrava Order of the military that was founded in Spain during the Middle Ages. Patek refers to the Calatrava as its signature model.

High in Quality, Low in Price with Fake Patek Philippe Calatrava Watches

Being a luxury designer watch, Patek Philippe Calatrava watches are being sold at very expensive prices, with a mention of the price of the least expensive model in the Calatrava men’s watch in the earlier paragraph. Aspiring individuals who would love to have a Patek Philippe watch for themselves would resort to replica Patek Philippe Calatrava items that copy the exact look and aesthetics of the original version but can never use the same materials and components as that of the original. 

A smart buyer can find reasonably priced knockoff Patek Philippe Calatrava watches online at around $450 to $1000 USD. Genuine Calatrava collection has simple yet elegant watches, and you will find a similar impression with the replica models. Given that these replica items are not using the highest quality of materials, great care should be observed when wearing your watch. Imagine wearing a Patek Philippe Calatrava, one of the most expensive designer watches in the world, and feel the glamour as you enjoy using your clone quality Swiss replica Calatrava wristwatch for a fraction of the cost.

Patek Philippe Splits Seconds Chronograph Replica Reference 5204

Patek Philippe added a splits seconds function to its chronograph Reference 5204 to round out its in-house chronograph collection. The CH 29-535 PS Q is equipped with 2 original details that makes it stand out from the the older model of rattrapante caliber CH 27-70/150 found in Reference 5004. Let’s start with the isolator. The design engineers at Patek Philippe took a closer analysis of the older isolator and were able to figure out a way to make it better. The new one depends on a bi-directional spring that has been installed as a kind of covering plate on top of the split-seconds column wheel. It has a very simple construction – the button on top of the crown and the isolator-spring’s end move the isolator wheel far enough so that a prong can lift the roller and splits seconds lever for the interval while at the same time the split seconds heart stops.

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Another innovation of the CH 29-535 PS Q can be seen next to the ruby roller on the splits seconds lever. The replica Patek Philippe Calatrava roller remains the same but the new caliber can now prevent the roller to rest on the splits seconds heart by means of 2 tiny supportive surfaces. The first one is positioned to the left of the roller while the other one is on the right. They function similar to the contact surfaces of the classic chrono’s zero-return lever. There’s a secure connection using the split seconds heart when the elapsed seconds hands are moving at the same time. Through this innovation, Patek Philippe has obtained a solution to one of the long-standing problems of mechanical watchmaking.

The Caliver CHR 29-535 PS Q has 496 parts in total, 272 of which are in the base movement and 182 in the calendar while 42 are in the split-seconds mechanism with isolator. It is 8.77 mm thick. The diameter of the platinum case is 40 mm and like all other watches from Patek, reference 5204 has a perfect Top Wesselton diamond between the lower lugs. You can pick from solid platinum back and transparent sapphire back replica Patek Philippe Calatrava models.

Patek Philippe Replica Calatrava
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Perpetual Calendar

White gold or rose gold case with a natural leather strap and black or white dial with roman numerals.

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Patek New Watches

New manually wound Grand Complications for Men and ultra-thin self-winding Calatrava Ladies watches.

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Patek Gondolo Gold

Day-Date indicator and 8 day power reserve from a manually wound movement in Art Deco style inspired case.