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Patek Nautilus Replica 57111A

During the 70s, watchmakers began to use quartz technology and they did so to impress or gain customers. And so, Patek introduced Nautilus in 1976 which was designed by no less than Gerald Genta. It was 42mm in diameter so it looked really big during that time. The steel case was resistant to water for up to 120m and it had two unusual ear-like projections on each side. Its most distinctive feature was its price - $2,350. In the 1970s, luxury steel watches were quite rare and so, Patek which was well known for producing dress watches with precious metals, the steel sporty-looking watch with a high price tag made news. It didn’t become an instant hit but it eventually did and collectors called it Jumbo.

Patek Nautilus Collection

The last milestone for 2006 was the Patek Philippe Nautilus replica Reference 5980 which marks the 30th birthday of the Nautilus. Patek used the Caliber 28-520 C for this watch and its case is made of 3 components. Its caseback is also transparent.

Patek Nautilus Replica Watch

Pathek Philippe Reference 5170

Patek Philippe Nautilus replica men’s chronograph with the reference 5170 from 2010 has a movement CH 29-535 PS wherein CH pertains to chronograph; the numbers pertains to the diameter of the movement which is 29mm and height which is measured at 5.35 mm; while the PS means petite seconds, meaning the seconds are displayed on the subdial. The movement has 272 components which are proof of its tradition and innovation.

The architecture of the movement perfectly embodies tradition – it has a classic column wheel that guides the function of the chronograph. Other details are very innovative such as the coupling wheel’s teeth which are equipped with a unique gliding profile that lowers the power amount consumed by the wheels and reduces the little jump that takes place when the seconds hand begins moving. You’ll also observe that the level of engagement of the teeth on the idle gear of the coupling can be regulated by means of an eccentrically shaped column wheel cover. There is even a more sophisticated synchronization between the blocking and clutch lever using a special finger on the latter.

The technicians at Patek Philippe Nautilus replica factory worked intensively on the return-to-zero mechanism of the movement. The long length of elapsed seconds hand and its speedy return subject the indicator to energetic stresses which are in part counteracted by a smartly designed cam for the elapsed minute counter jumping advance. The step of the cam has an indentation which has a depth that amouns to 60 degrees of the arc of the hand. When the elapsed second hand goes back to zero the shaped tip of the minutes counter control dips into this depression to prevent the hand from slipping off or becoming deformed. The hand goes back to 12 position after a slight leftward swing without any wagging. Another innovative feature is that the balance oscillates at 28,800 vph or 4 Hertz instead of 18,000 vph or 2.5 Hertz as was the case in the past.

Patek Philippe is deemed a pioneer in creating wristwatches with perpetual calendars. This is evident in the Replica Nautilus Reference 5270 which was unveiled in 2016. The Caliber CH 29-535 PS Q utilizes the CH 29-535 PS as base and then added a perpetuala calendar which was also a novel creation in itself.

The calendar unit required modifications and was not just installed as a module. What the firm’s technicians did was reposition the elapsed minutes counter and the subdial for the seconds slightly downward toward 6 so as to give room for the bigger disks that indicate the month and day. The technicians also outfitted the Patek Philippe Nautilus replica 1.65mm mechanism with a cam that rotates and tells the calendar’s mechanism how many days each month has including ordinary year and leap year until the year 2100. There is a moon-phase indicator that is very precise and its error will equate to 1 full day deviation only after 45 days and 122 years. If it needs to be adjusted, you only have to press the little button at the side of the case.

Patek Nautilus Replica Watch
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Patek Philippe Nautilus Blue Dial Replica

Perpetual Calendar

White gold or rose gold case with a natural leather strap and black or white dial with roman numerals.

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